Kat Robinson is a food and travel writer based in Little Rock. She still travels Arkansas and the South searching for good stories, tall tales and the next great little restaurant.

Her credits include life as the “Eat Arkansas” girl for the Arkansas Times, an eight-year stint producing Today’s THV This Morning (CBS Little Rock), three years producing for KAIT-TV in Jonesboro and a college career in novelty music radio. Kat is a featured blogger with Lonely Planet, an explorer with Arkansas Wild, a hamburger and sweets correspondent for “Serious Eats” and an occasional contributor to publications both inside and outside Arkansas.

In the past she’s been a bi-weekly columnist with Sync Weekly, an adventurer for 2njoy Magazine, a writer for Deep South Magazine, an eco-conscious journalist for GreenZine, a mommy blogger for Savvy Kids and a contributor to Food Network Magazine. Kat’s work has also appeared in Little Rock Family Magazine, Living in Arkansas, Emerald City of the South and the print version of the Arkansas Times, as well as the Arkansas Free Press, Let’s Go Magazine and Today’s Man. Her latest work has included Forbes Travel Guide’s, USA Today and Cat Fancy.

She was recognized by the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism in 2011 with a Henry Award for Media Support; with the 2011 award for Best Freelance Writing for a Large Daily by the Arkansas Press Association; and numerous times by the Arkansas Times as a runner-up for Best Local Blog (behind the Times’s own “Arkansas Blog”).

Kat lives with her daughter, Hunter, in her hometown of Little Rock. Her interests include historical food research, highway history and amateur photography. She continues to blog at her personal website,, and also blogs for the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism at


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  4. Miss Kat,
    Not trying to burst your writers bubble but you have the facts wrong on the PCP pie. It was not Miss Alma's recipe nor did she make it. Ed & Kay's hired a lady by the name of Melba Bryant to be our pie maker. That pie was started as an Arkansas Pie by Miss Melba Bryant. She mistakenly added chopped pecans to it one morning during her pie making and PCP pie was born. It turned out so well we quit making the Arkansas pie & continued with the PCP. It has been a hit of Ed & Kay's ever since.
    Thank you for your wonderful review but please be sure you have the facts straight.