Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blackberry fried

The haul across Arkansas from east to west or west to east is most likely taken across the excellent ribbon called Interstate 40.  This vital link through Arkansas connects North Carolina to California and all points in-between.

When the nights are long or the holidays nigh and there is no open restaurant in sight, stop in off Exit 35 at Ozark and take yourself inside the I-40 Travel Center.  Yes, here you will find the magnificent Hillbilly Hideout, a grand new comfortable and affordable restaurant where you may sit and dine on American and Ark-Mex favorites and breakfast standards.

But if time is short, comfort yourself with one of Ms. Janie's eight inch or bigger half-crescent fried pies, cellophane wrapped and showcased at every register. Peach, apple, cherry -- but it is the blackberry we must heartily recommend, along with a cuppa joe and a full tank to get you back on the road.

Hillbilly Hideout
I-40 Travel Center
Exit 35, I-40
Ozark, AR 72949
(479) 667-0711

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