Thursday, January 23, 2014

Arkansas Pie: A Delicious Slice of the Natural State

Dozens of different pies on restaurant menus from the Delta to the Ozarks await hungry diners, and almost every delectable creation is a masterpiece of southern baking. Join food writer Kat Robinson and photographer Grav Weldon on a tour through an Arkansas culinary tradition. Kat has traveled the state, sampling more than 400 different varieties and absorbing stories along the way. Learn where fried pie is king and why a pie called Possum should be the official state pie. Meet the North Little Rock man who made and sold 100 different pies in a single day, and discover the new and innovative pie-making methods of chefs in Fayetteville and Hot Springs. It’s all here in this mouthwatering and informative collection.


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  1. The world should celebrate a national pie day, in which people will only eat different kinds of pies the whole day. Pies are a delicacy seriously and not everyone can do justice to a pie.

  2. Pie's are indeed one of the most delicious treats for us who have a sweet tooth. And yes I so agree, the world should celebrate a World Pie Day for people like us.

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