Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Peach fried at Hilltop Travel Center.

Here's a great unexpected find.  Traveling over the July 4th holiday, we stopped in at the Hilltop Travel Center north of I-40 on I-540 to catch a drink and a snack for the road.  These big nine inch long fried pies were on a rack right by the register.  Turns out the girl who works in the little deli there gets up and makes them each morning.  The peach pie was full of fresh, stringy peaches... and was gone before we could photograph it out of the package.


  1. great site, I live in texas just bought a house on top of 71, I stop at hill top for a pie and a shake . I love fried pies

  2. Its some kind of new recipe that I'm hearing about. I have been to Hill cafe twice but didn't tried it out. Maybe this time I will try it out and tell you about my experience.