Sunday, December 16, 2012

Raspberry cream cheese.

When you dine at Trio's and you're done with your meal, there will come to your table a vision of desserts extraordinaire.  On a single platter will be samples of a dozen desserts, each more yummy than the next.  You will capture a view of such lovely delights as amaretto cheesecake, chocolate bombs, smooth flan, layered chocolate and carrot cakes and so much more.

You must be strong.  You must resist the urge to choose anything but the raspberry cream cheese pie.  This you will order with coffee or tea.  And when it comes, when you are blessed at the table with this perfect blend of sweet custard and tart raspberry couli, when you are deigned worthy for such a slice of pie perfection, you will gently take a spoonful on the tongue and remember what good desserts are meant to be. And you will feel the tinge of a tear.

For a moment, at least.  Then you'll eat the rest of the pie, and praise the food deities for another wonderful slice.

8201 Cantrell Road #100
Little Rock, AR 72227
(501) 221-3330

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