Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Peanut butter meringue.

Ever have the pie equivalent of a Chick-O-Stick? We know where you can find one.

The pie you're looking for is the peanut butter meringue pie at the South Side Grill on the south side of Batesville. The portions of most the foods there are oversized, and the meringues are toasty.

But it's the strange, slightly luminescent peanut butter custard that makes this pie stand out. Somehow light but also coagulatingly smooth, the translucent brown gel has the flavor of the old fashioned Chick-O-Stick candy known well for those of us who have birthdays before 1980.

Other meringue pies are available; none quite as unusual or creative as this.

South Side Grill
2121 Batesville Road
Batesville, AR 72501
(870) 251-2229

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