Sunday, December 23, 2012

PCP (pineapple, coconut, pecan).

Ed and Kay's Restaurant in Benton is known far and wide for the Mile High Pie, but that's not the end of good pie at the whitewashed, red topped restaurant on the southwest side of town.

Our favorite, bar none, is Miss Alma's PCP pie.  The restaurant was, after all, Ed and Alma's before it was Ed and Kay's.  That pie... made from the same recipe after all these years, is still just as good (and it's in the book).

Somehow, the blend of pineapple, shredded coconut and pecans comes out buttery and pleasant, a perfect concoction with heft and sweet dreams.  It's almost good enough to allow you to eat nothing but pie -- but then you're missing out on fried potatoes, humongous breakfasts and homegrown lunches.  And you don't want to do that.

Ed and Kay’s Restaurant
15228 Interstate 30
Benton, AR 72019
(501) 315-3663

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  1. Ed & Kay's is my go-to pie place so I'm pleased to see you approve! Only thing I would say is while it's difficult not to get the "standard" meringue or my favorite, fudge pie (I almost have to be forced to order something else), one should ALWAYS seriously consider the daily dessert offering. I or a compatriot have had untold varieties of delicious rarities and they always make my eyes and head roll backwards.

  2. Yummy!! that looks so appetizing!! it's looks light and delicious..!! Happy to hear your thoughts about it! and thank you for sharing all the availabilities in shops!