Friday, December 28, 2012

Coconut meringue.

Every morning, Tuesday through Saturday, Charlotte Bowls makes pie crust.  She makes just enough pie crusts to fit in enough pans to fill every section of counterspace in her kitchen at her famed Keo shop -- and no more.  The pies are filled, the meringue is beaten and dotted on top, and the pies are baked.

Locals know to order pie when they come through the door -- or better yet, have an order called in when the restaurant opens at 11 a.m.

If you miss out on the coconut meringue pie, named the best coconut meringue in the South by Southern Living, there are other pies... and cakes as well, though the layered delights are often overlooked.

And if for some reason you eek in the door at the end of the day looking for your Keo Klassic and miss out on burger AND pie, you still have an opportunity at greatness with a classic milkshake.

Charlotte’s Eats and Sweets
290 Main Street
Keo, AR 72083
(501) 841-2123

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  1. She promised the public her recipe for Charlotte's Coconut Cream Pie in both editions of Southern Livings Off the Eaten Path. I have written to her and talked to her on the phone and never could get her to send it. Apparently Charlotee is like the rest of us with failing memories.

  2. I bought this particular cookbook on Arkansas Pies.

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