Thursday, December 20, 2012

Coconut cream.

You can't get more out-in-the-country than the Viola Stampede.  At the crossroads of the north Arkansas ribbon of US 62 and the rural winder Highway 233, you'll find the little roadside diner laced with twang and sweetness, not just of the dessert variety.

If they have a coconut cream pie, get it -- get it all -- especially if you love coconut.  It's a whipped delight, with a base made of crushed coconut cookies, a coconut custard and a coconut-infused whipped cream topper.  Two hands of goodness.

And if you do decide all you want is a slice for later, be further warned -- that slice won't make it to your destination, and your fingers are going to be coated in sweet stickiness.

Viola Stampede
9740 U.S. 62 West
Viola, AR 72583
(870) 458-2112

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  1. This looks so delicious! I honestly never used to be a fan of coconut, especially when cooked with anything else. But after I tasted coconut in rice I fell in love. I am sure this will not disappoint me too