Friday, December 7, 2012

Caramel apple.

Maxine Milner has more invested in her restaurant than just bricks and mortar.  She's invested family.

Three generations of her family can now be seen working from time to time at Mama Max's Diner in Prescott.  The little low-slung brick restaurant on the east side of the road is packed most lunchtimes with hungry customers, good home cooking and love.

The barbecue is fine, the home cooking even better, and the dessert case is always full.  Nothing fancy -- cakes are often made in casserole dishes and there's almost always a pie.  And they're always good.

The caramel apple pie is one of the best -- ribbons of warm caramel adorning apple slices in their own sweet butter-infused drippings and chunks of pecans below a cinnamon dusted caramel drizzled top crust.  Willpower can't overcome the need to consume the whole thing, no matter how big a lunch you just ate.

Mama Max’s
1102 West Main
Prescott, AR 71857
(870) 887-5005

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