Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Whether or not there's another name attached to it, the little country cafe at Jenny Lind still serves up good pie.

We first ventured out there in the summer of 2010, looking for breakfast but lured on by the word of a famous Almond Joy pie that, to date, we have yet to sample -- it disappears before we ever have a chance to consume it.  There are always several marvelous pies on the menu -- but none finer than the buttermilk pie, a coconut-packed toasted-top ode to the simple majesty of good home cooking.

Singularly, the pie is a comfortable walk in an old pair of shoes.  Accompanied by coffee, it becomes the fuel of vintage dreams, taken in under sneakers draped over a pole and between nostalgia bespeckled walls.

The restaurant was taken over this past June and became Bob and Wanda's Jenny Lind Country Cafe... but we hear now that the place has reverted back to its original owners.  Throughout all that time, the same lovely lady has been sure to supply the restaurant with plenty of pies.  We bet the light display there is great this year, too.

(Bob and Wanda’s) Jenny Lind Country CafĂ©
2655 Gate Nine Road
Greenwood, AR 72936
(501) 996-1099

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  1. does the pie have a topping or is it just baked or broiled until really brown on top?

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