Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Brown sugar.

Is there any sort of pastry Tandra Watkins creates that we don't love?  We haven't found it yet.

Her brown sugar pie with bourbon whipped cream deserves to be highlighted on the menu at upscale Ashley's at the Capital... what surprises us is that it's actually the featured wintertime dessert over at Capital Bar and Grill across the lobby.  The brownie-crisp top crust, the almost pecan-custard (yet pecan-less) filling, the decadent and light slightly alcoholic cool cream... it'll make you thankful.

Check out the book for the recipe, and for more on Tandra.

Capital Bar and Grill
11 West Markham
Little Rock, AR 72201
(501) 374-7474

Capital Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

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