Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blueberry cream.

Down, deep in the beneath of Eureka Springs lies one of the most marvelous breakfast spots in the state.  It's the comfortable coffeeshop down the staircase, Mud Street Cafe.

Venture into its depths and find bountiful brews of black gold coffee, baked grits to make you grin, the eponymous Mud Muffin (*doesn't actually include mud) and a pie case of some small renown.

Within the case that lies where sunlight never reaches, a palate of different and recurring pies, ranging from the typical coconut cream to dastardly devilish chocolate cherry pies.

The one that captures our tastes the most is the smooth, cool blueberry cream pie.  A layered pie served in an Oreo-type crust, it's fresh and simple yet oh so sinful.  Pair with hazelnut coffee with a dash of real cream for a Hobbit-worthy brunch dessert.

Mud Street Café
22 South Main Street #G
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
(479) 253-6732

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