Saturday, November 17, 2012

Old Fashioned.

An old Arkansas favorite as far as pie fillings go is a cocoa powder custard. That's just a blend of cocoa powder, powdered sugar and butter. It's usually melted and poured into a pie shell or over a cake as icing.

Batten's Bakery in Paragould is the only place in the state where we found actual Old Fashioned chocolate fried pies. The ONLY place, that is, outside of kitchens here and there. It's worth a drive to Arkansas to acquire one or several. And they are good.

Rather than the usual chocolate fried pie filling, the Old Fashioned is a flaky and chocolatly firm pie that won't dribble on you. It's tasty, too.

Batten’s Bakery
230 East Kingshighway
Paragould, AR 72450
(870) 236-7810
Find the bakery on Facebook here.

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