Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lemon icebox.

Not too sweet, not too tart.  A good lemon icebox pie is an appetite quencher AND a palate cleanser.  That's why we love the version served up at Rita's up in the little town of Hector.

Mind you, the pies have always been good at Rita's.  It's been around since 1989, a standard for a community that loves to meet and eat.  The hours are long for a mom-and-pop sort of place; seven in the morning til eight at night every single day except Sunday -- when it's open an hour LONGER.  The food is good -- drive-in fare, plate lunches and dinners, catfish on Friday
and pizza anytime.  And there are always pies available.

That pie, though, is just perfect, a simple blend of lemon zest, cream cheese, whipped topping, lemon juice and sugar, piled into a home-crushed crust of vanilla wafers. Presented differently, it'd be worthy of a four star restaurant's menu.

More about the experience here.

10894 Highway 27
Hector, AR 72843
(479) 284-3000

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