Tuesday, November 20, 2012

French lemon coconut.

So many of the good pies around Arkansas are discovered at diners and holes-in-the-wall. And some are found where beauty is evident.

Zoe's Eatery in Hot Springs is an out of the way collection of eclectic housewares and dainty eats, set in a little center along Malvern Avenue. The counter is at the back, and you order there, hopefully managing to eek out your healthy selection before the pies and cakes make you drool too much to speak.

While there are plenty of cakes and cupcakes and even a lemon buttermilk pie, the pie you really should consider is the French lemon coconut. It's impossibly light, sparsely decadent and just sweet enough for a good tea. It's also served with a dollop of hand-beaten cream, which makes the experience ever so frou-frou.

2230 Malvern Avenue #H
Hot Springs, AR 71901
(501) 321-2921
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