Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chocolate Pile.

Like chocolate? Really, REALLY like chocolate? You need to head to Fort Smith and give Miss Anna's on Towson a try. Formerly Goodson's on Towson, the non-descript exterior belies a restaurant that's a favorite for the lunch crowd. And it's not just for the marvelous plate lunches -- it's for the vast array of desserts, especially the pie.

Amongst things like the Cherry Crisp and Peach Crisp, the Reeses pie and a mad selection of fruit pies, there's the Chocolate Pile. It's also called Chocolate Heaven. It's a chocolate cream pie, but it's also so much more. Start with the crust -- not a graham cracker crust, not an Oreo crust but not a chocolate chip cookie crust. The custard is rich and slightly bittersweet. There are chocolate chips and flakes throughout. The cream on top is also flaked with chocolate, and there’s a chocolate Hershey’s Kiss on each slice. It’s chocolate and chocolate and chocolate and just so much chocolate and...

It must be experienced to be believed.

Miss Anna’s on Towson
5001 Towson Avenue
Fort Smith, AR 72901
(479) 649-6300
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