Friday, November 2, 2012

Bourbon pecan pie.

Fayray's is one of the cornerstones of nouveau dining in El Dorado... a town that "boomed" long ago with oil and which is seeing a second Renaissance in its downtown.  It's the brainchild of Ray Black and the Alewines (Ray's daughter Brandy and her husband Richard -- we'll overlook the cuteness of Brandy's married name) and a bright spot in LA -- that's Lower Arkansas, to those not of the lingo.
It's named after Ray... and then again, it's not.  According to the restaurant's website, "People are always asking how we came up with the name fayrays. Well, this is the Readers Digest version. When the first King Kong movie came out in the ’30’s, Fay Wray played the part of Ann Darrow. My father, Ray, as a young child saw the movie. It made quite an impression on him, the monster - no, the cinematography - no, seeing the wind blow Fay’s shirt open just a tinsy bit and, perhaps seeing a bit of bra or, better yet, boobie (whichever) was an image he never forgot. Years later, with his girls in Colorado, he was speaking of Fay Wray - they were oblivious to who she was, but said 'Dad if you ever open a restaurant, you must name it fayrays, because your name is Ray! oh, yea, and that memory (boobies) engrained in your brain.' Quirky, short and sweet, that is how fayrays came to be named!"

So that's the name of the restaurant. The name of this dessert on the menu is simply Pecan Pie. What it is is a bourbon-soaked gut-warmer of a pie drizzled with chocolate and served with ice cream. It's the definition of a guilty good time, and almost too heavy to be lingered over after a solid meal. Taken with coffee or wine and a good conversationalist as a dining companion, and Fayray's pecan pie is a great after-dinner choice.

100 East Elm Street
El Dorado, AR 71730
(870) 863-4000

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  1. I'm pretty sure my fiance would travel for a slice of this. Or pressure me into learning to make it myself!

  2. My husband is planning to try this recipe on his Green Egg!

  3. So fun to find a blog on Pie! We all need more pie and less politics.

  4. can you believe that i hate pie crust? Well I hate it with sweet stuff anyway! The pie looks great though! My husband would LOVE it!

  5. I'm so excited for you and for this book. You know how much I love discoveries:) I need four autographed copies from you ASAP!