Saturday, November 10, 2012


What if you went to a restaurant and had the least-recommended item on the menu... and it was still marvelous?  That happened with us during our research for the Arkansas Pie book.

Word of Varine Carr's great pies reached our ears, and we took a summer's drive out to the Shangri-La Resort near Mt. Ida. We had many choices -- apple, peach, cherry and blueberry fruit pies; chocolate and coconut meringue and a series of cream pies as well. Every one of them had been recommended -- except the blueberry.
So we tried it. The filling was good but the crust is what made the pie -- a firm pastry with a nice salted flavor. Any fruit pie served warm with ice cream there... is a delicious joy.

We hear the chocolate pie is marvelous and not to be missed. But if you want a slice, you'd better go now. The restaurant traditionally closes for winter on November 15th.

Shangri-La Resort
975 Shangri Lane
Mount Ida, AR 71957
(501) 867-2011

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