Monday, November 19, 2012

Black walnut.

The Morgans have been doing a whole lot to help out the city of Jasper.  Every time we're in the area we drop in at the Boardwalk Cafe for the latest scuttlebutt and a bite to eat.

The Boardwalk Cafe is an all-organic, mostly locally sourced restaurant serving up everything from elk chili and buffalo burgers to big salads and such.  That 100-mile burger is something else.  The only things you'll find non-organic at The Boardwalk Cafe are
some of the soft drinks -- because there are still some folks out there who cannot give up their Diet Coke.

The black walnut pie, however, draws best attention. Made from black and English walnuts,  sorghum molasses and cane syrup, it's a pie with dark notes and charm, served up with black walnut ice cream. Impossibly rich.

Boardwalk Café
401B West Court Street
Jasper, AR 72641
(479) 446-5900

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