Sunday, November 18, 2012


Just as a Sunday afternoon supper brings a family together, a good restaurant at lunchtime brings a community together.  Amidst the tables and booths around Betty's Steak and Chicken in Harrisburg, you'll find all sorts of community members breaking bread together on a regular basis.

Betty's is like a lot of places.  Fried catfish is served on Friday, beans and rice on Mondays and a little bit of everything throughout the week.  And then there's the apple pie. a flaky and warm pie served up best with coffee.
Fragrant and well spiced, it's tantalizing and almost good enough to convince you to leave some of your dinner on your plate.  Almost.

Betty’s Steak & Chicken
1203 North Illinois
Harrisburg, AR 72432
(870) 578-2855

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