Monday, November 5, 2012

Coconut meringue pie.

A good coconut meringue pie is enough to satisfy the soul. In Tontitown, the place to get your coconut fix is Mama Z's Cafe.

The original Mama Z was Edna Zulpo. Back in 1988 she and her kin were getting together what they thought was going to be a pasta factory. Demand being what it was, a restaurant was born instead, and homemade pasta is delivered to tables every day the place is open. It's still made from the recipes Edna got from her Nona (her grandmother).
Spaghetti is still served up a number of ways -- with meat sauce (they don't do a vegetarian marinara, sadly), with Italian sausage, with meatballs or with fried chicken -- that's a Tontitown sort of thing, right there. The ravioli and lasagna are also fantastic, and the fettuccine alfredo is a winner.

And then there's the coconut meringue pie. A big fluffy slice, the coconut is incorporated through the traditional meringue with flakes of coconut infused through the very light custard. The flour crust ends up soaked with a little light coconut flavor -- a perfect way to end a homemade Italian meal.

Mama Z’s
357 West Henri de Tonti Boulevard
Tontitown, AR 72762
(479) 361-2750
And they're on Facebook.

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