Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chocolate meringue pie.

The Country Rooster is a hub of activity in Green Forest.  Sitting on the town square, the old storefront hosts a consignment shop that contains everything from furniture to old albums, silverware and toys and of all thing, pie.  See, it's also a lunchroom.

That's right.  Amidst the old TV cabinets, the shelves of lamps, the antique brasswear and the occasional taxidermied deer head, you'll find a cordoned off section of mismatched tables and chairs, at which you dine on mismatched TV trays with mismatched silverware   The meatloaf is phenomenally good, and the cookie bars shine.  Sandwiches are usually an option as well.

The pie of note:  chocolate meringue.  The crust -- flour and rolled.  The custard -- substantial and flavorful milk chocolate with dark chocolate notes.  The meringue -- toasted with a definitive spring. Overall, pleasant and tasty and a perfect snack for a flea market trip.

You'll find a review of it here on Eat Arkansas.  And the restaurant has a website, which includes a review from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Country Rooster
101 Phillips Avenue
Green Forest, AR 72638
(870) 438-5710

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